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Pixel self potrait bouncing, created by Tamisha Steverson.
Logo of Colourmechoco, created by Tanisha Steverson


I'm Tanisha

I'm a multidisciplinary designer.


Embark on a journey of crafting enchanting designs that spark joy, empower inclusivity, and leave an indelible mark. As an Experienced Art Director and multidisciplinary designer with over 8 years leading creative teams, each project becomes a voyage of discovery, unlocking new horizons and solving design riddles with unwavering determination. Known for increasing brand visibility by 40% and achieving a 30% growth in customer conversions at previous roles, the canvas is limitless, and there's an unyielding thirst for growth, learning, and metamorphosis.



Hot Wheels

The Sims


EA Games

A. S. P. I.


Syracuse University

Sabbatical Beauty


Beauty Brand



Reciprocity Apps

Games for Black Girls


Nerdy Bear Studio



Brief Box Case Study

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