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Pixel self potrait bouncing, created by Tamisha Steverson.
Logo of Colourmechoco, created by Tanisha Steverson


I'm Tanisha

I'm a multidisciplinary designer.


Embark on a journey of crafting enchanting designs that spark joy, empower inclusivity, and leave an indelible mark. As an Experienced Art Director and multidisciplinary designer with over 8 years leading creative teams, each project becomes a voyage of discovery, unlocking new horizons and solving design riddles with unwavering determination. Known for increasing brand visibility by 40% and achieving a 30% growth in customer conversions at previous roles, the canvas is limitless, and there's an unyielding thirst for growth, learning, and metamorphosis.



Brand & Toy Design

Mattel: Dolls

Hot Wheels



The Sims 4


EA Games

Brand Design



Kintrell LLC



Syracuse University

Games for Black Girls


Nerdy Bear Studio



Brief Box Case Study

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