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Pixel self potrait bouncing, created by Tamisha Steverson.

peer glasses

Brief Box Personal Project

Peer is an up-and-coming glasses brand based in Brighton, UK. Peer prides itself on promoting diversity and uniqueness through wacky frames and colors to suit anyone and everyone. They were looking to create a brand logo, business card, and accompanying pattern to be used across all their collateral. They wanted the brand and pattern work to represent summer, positivity, and self-love. Their slogan is ‘Sunglasses your way’ but was changed to "Step out of Frame" in conjunction with the new logo, which evokes a feeling of self-expression and customization. The design needed to intrigue customers to step out of their comfort zone and try something new. The client was looking for a bold, colorful and fun approach, with the hope of the brand being playful and informal.



I focused on some of the buzzwords from my design brief: informal, unique, wacky, playful, fun.


My initial designs felt formal. I tried to make it feel more playful. I looked into Adobes design trends and felt as though the soft pop trend was exactly what was needed. It was playful, wacky, unique and fun. Manteiga Gorda felt like the perfect fit. Unfortunately the typeface felt too thick so I modified it so it was more legible.


Originally I was going with the company name “Peep” but there was a name change. Before this change the word “peep” reminded me of a baby chick. I felt like it would be a wacky character for the branding but decided on the glasses to replace the “e”’s giving it a more direct iconography to what the brand sells.

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