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Pixel self potrait bouncing, created by Tamisha Steverson.

About Me

My Vision:

Step into the extraordinary realm of my multidimensional artistry, where visual narrations unfurl like magical tapestries, inviting you to traverse the wonderland of my boundless imagination. Here, amidst the kaleidoscope of creativity, you'll find an unapologetic expression of my true self—a trailblazing woman of color shattering the constraints of conventional design.

With audacious flair, I craft fashionable masterpieces and captivating visuals that resonate with souls who share my likeness. My work is an ode to the power of representation, a celebration of diversity and individuality that leaves an indelible mark on the canvas of possibility.

In this captivating space, chaos finds order, and within the depths of my artistic mayhem, a methodical brilliance shines through. It is my profound desire that through these mesmerizing designs, you come to comprehend the essence of who I am—an empathetic soul with a passion for forging meaningful connections.

Step boldly into my world, where dreams take flight, and colors blend like harmonious symphonies. Here, you'll glimpse the unfiltered beauty of my vision, and I extend an invitation for you to embrace the journey of understanding me—a little better, a little deeper, a little more enchanted.

Welcome to the enigmatic realm of my design sanctuary—a realm where fantasy intertwines with reality, where empathy weaves the threads of art, and where confidence radiates like the brightest star in the cosmos.

Come on a Journey with Me

Embark on an enchanting journey, where the wonders of my mind come alive! Step into a realm where femininity, blackness, fashion, and color dance in mesmerizing harmony—welcome to Colourmechoco! Prepare to be whisked away to a realm of pure imagination as my illustrations weave a spellbinding tapestry of magic and wonder. Once you step foot in this mystical world, you'll find yourself entranced, unable to resist the allure of these captivating creations. Brace yourself for an unforgettable experience as you immerse yourself in the captivating allure of my fantastical bodies of work. Surrender to the allure, for once you've tasted this magic, you'll never want it to end.

Artist Statement:

Step into my imagination, where humanity's essence unfolds, and the fantastical stories of our lives emerge as vibrant masterpieces. As an artist, I extend an earnest invitation to all souls: behold art with empathy, for it is a reflection of our shared experiences and diverse perceptions of the world. Within my craftsmanship lies a profound journey—an odyssey of struggles, growth, and the mesmerizing mosaic of my perceptions. My art serves as a mirror to the human experience, celebrating the richness of femininity, the essence of blackness, and the fusion of these identities in a powerful dance.

The narratives hidden in my creations transcend the boundaries of my being, enshrined within every stroke, hue, and form. Like the ever-changing tides, my art evolves, mirroring my own transformation as I embrace the boundless depths of self-discovery each passing day. For me, art is a sanctum of healing—a profound balm for past traumas, fostering strength, wisdom, and a tender empathy that embraces all beings.

Art, the eloquent narration of humanity, possesses the power to unite us all. Let us stand together, hands entwined, in the realm of art's profound magic, celebrating the diverse canvas of our lives, entangled yet harmonious. Embrace the allure of art's symphony, for within its notes, we find solace, understanding, and the unbreakable bonds that bind our souls.

Who I am:

Born amidst the vibrant spirit of Detroit, I discovered an enchanting world of wonder through art. Embracing the kaleidoscope of crayons, I danced with imagination, painting my dreams upon the canvas of life. In a tender moment of second grade, my brush touched the canvas of an art contest, but victory eluded me. Undeterred, I stoked the embers of determination, tirelessly refining my craft until triumph graced me with the perfect fruit bowl—igniting the flame of an artist's destiny.

Yet, my journey encountered a crossroads—a choice between passion and practicality. My mother, a guardian of my dreams, sought financial security beyond the realm of the "starving artist." And so, with courage in my heart, I embarked on a different path, wandering through the realms of Humanities and Anthropology at the University of Michigan. Amidst my academic odyssey, I explored art's myriad expressions, from traditional brushstrokes to uncharted mediums, illuminating the rich tapestry of human creativity.

Venturing further, I immersed myself in the symphony of language, honing my knowledge of African American Vernacular English, cherishing the voices of cultures often silenced. Japan's tender embrace beckoned, unveiling the transformative power of art therapy—a testament to the indomitable human spirit.

Amidst these revelations, I embraced my truth—I was destined to wield the brush of illustration and design. Fueling my spirit with a master's pursuit in Computer Art at Syracuse University, I leaped into the boundless horizons of creativity. Within those hallowed halls, I blossomed into a multidimensional artist, an illustrator, a designer—an eternal seeker of inspiration.

Today, my canvas is painted with hues of resilience and imagination, echoing the symphony of Detroit's resilience and Syracuse's creative enlightenment. Unfurling my dreams to the world, I stand resolute—proudly weaving my artistry into a tapestry of inspiration, empathy, and confident creativity. With every brushstroke, I soar closer to the zenith of artistic triumph—a testament to the magic of unyielding dreams fulfilled.



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If you like my illustrative style then I’m open for commissions! Let me bring your vision to life!

Graphic Design

If you would like design assets I am open for freelance work from flyers to branding!


I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It’s easy. Just click “Edit Text” or double click me to add your own content and make changes to the font.

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