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Pixel self potrait bouncing, created by Tamisha Steverson.

Syracuse University


At A. S. P. I., as a Creative Director and designer, I had the privilege of shaping a future that embraces accessibility and education through visionary initiatives. Collaborating with an innovative team, I led successful rebranding campaigns, uniting departments under a cohesive brand image across the campus. My creations represented ASPI's dedication to addressing challenges posed by AI and emerging technologies. From impactful web content to social media visuals, I aimed to inspire meaningful conversations and foster connections with global bodies. ASPI's ethos of empathy, inclusivity, and forward-thinking shaped my design journey, driving me to create a world where technology and humanity intertwine harmoniously for the betterment of all.

Role: Creative & Art Director

Autonomous Systems

An interdisciplinary effort that will advance knowledge and teaching in the field of autonomous systems by exploring new frontiers in policy, law, and governance of these fast-expanding technologies.

"At Syracuse University, I was the Art Director and Creative director over the Autonomous Policy Institue (ASPI) and ‘Cuse Works. As a Designer for multiple departments. As a student and alum, I grew both as an artist and designer here, and that insight brought a different level of understanding to the role. "

Tanisha  S. |  Creative Director

'Cuse Works

As a Creative Director and designer at Syracuse University, I was inspired by the vision of empowering students to Level Up their work experience through this university-wide initiative. Guided by a passion for creativity and innovation, I cultivated a collaborative team culture, leading successful rebranding campaigns that unified departments and fostered a cohesive brand image across campus. 'Cuse Works provides essential tools and valuable connections, enabling students to embark on meaningful journeys of personal and professional growth. Together, we forge a path of ethics, integrity, and commitment to diversity and inclusion, while fostering critical knowledge, adaptability, and leadership skills. Embrace the boundless possibilities that await – where learning, creativity and purpose intertwine to shape an inspired future.

Role: Creative & Art Director

For Our Community

It's time to level up, 

Your Work Experience.

The two main designs represent the stairs to success and the tiers one has to climb to get there.

Building Careers Early

For Our Students

Student Experience

In my role as a Creative Director & Designer, I embarked on a journey of inspiration, empathy, and confidence, shaping the student experience at Syracuse University. Tasked with creating logos and iconography and spearheading rebranding efforts for the student box office and mobile health hub, I poured my passion into crafting visual narratives that resonate deeply with students. Each design represents more than just aesthetics; it reflects our commitment to support students' holistic growth and progress. Rooted in community, safety, wellness, and growth, our high-impact programs and services nurture connections, foster well-being, and remove barriers to academic and personal success. Through collaborative efforts and innovative thinking, I cultivated a communicative team culture that brought forth a cohesive brand image across campus. Together, we harnessed the power of creativity to empower students, igniting a transformational journey that celebrates their individuality and empowers their dreams to take flight.

Role: Art Director & Graphic Designer

The Health Hub

This is a part of the "Be Involved", Initiative on campus

"The box office is all about selling tickets. So we decided to go with a modern ticket aesthetic, that loosely resembles the ones used on campus. The crowd represents the lively events that students attend year round. The numbers are the location of the university."

Brief  |  Box Office Logo

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