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Hot Wheels

Senior Brand Designer

While at Mattel as a senior brand designer, I worked on many exciting projects for Hot Wheels! My responsibilities included analyzing customer feedback and market trends to make informed decisions about product and brand messaging, collaborating closely with product development teams to improve offerings based on customer interest data, and carefully evaluating marketing and advertising campaigns to maintain brand consistency and increase engagement. In addition, I was tasked with devising strategic brand initiatives for multiple product lines to drive market share and enhance brand recognition.
My work's recognition for its innovative perspectives and techniques fills me with pride. Specifically, I played an instrumental role in branding the new Netflix show "Let's Race," the Hot Wheels Unleashed game, and the exciting Hot Wheels Stumble Guys collaboration. These upcoming releases are expected to propel Hot Wheels into a remarkable two-billion-dollar enterprise. Furthermore, I had the privilege of overseeing the art direction for the "Pull-back Speeders" toy set that will be hitting store shelves in 2024, and I even assisted with the Hot Wheels Skate Taco Commercials by creating illustrations!

To further enhance the room's dynamic feel, I added a large screen that could display images and videos of the latest Hot Wheels products. This feature would be perfect for meetings and brainstorming sessions, as it would motivate and inspire the team.


Finally, I added subtle lighting to create a warm and inviting atmosphere and included wall art featuring iconic Hot Wheels designs. The team was blown away by the final result, feeling inspired and energized by the space. They recognized how this conference room would help to drive their creativity and innovation to new heights.


Overall, designing the conference room for the Hot Wheels department was an incredible experience, and I am proud to have been a part of it. I can't wait to see the amazing ideas that will be generated from this space in the future.

I couldn't have been more excited when I was tasked with designing a conference room for the Hot Wheels department. As someone who loves cars, I was thrilled to dive into the brand and understand its aesthetic and values. My research showed me that the Hot Wheels brand is about speed, energy, and innovation, so I set out to create a conference room embodying those values. I started with the entrance to make the room align with the Hot Wheels brand. I chose the color of the Hot Wheels track and added toy illustrations to the bottom to emphasize the Hot Wheels core values of "Igniting the Challenger Spirit" and being toyetic!

Inside the room, I focused on the brand's iconic blue and the secondary colors of white and gray to create a sense of calmness and serenity. I added the traditional Rodger Dodger with orange and white deco to attract the eye. I also incorporated sleek, modern furniture, including comfortable chairs and a large conference table, to provide a comfortable and collaborative space.

Hot Wheels:
Gastation 12
Hot Wheels:

I had a blast designing the posters for Hot Wheels Skate, Disney Pixar Cars: Glow Racers, and Disney Pixar Cars: Cars on the Road this year. Out of all of them, my favorite has to be the Hot Wheels Skate poster. It was really important to me to capture the unique identity of the Skate segment and stay true to its non-traditional look and feel. I decided to go with a comic book aesthetic that paired well with the illustration style of the brand. We even teamed up with Tony Hawk and some young influencers to give this new toy the spotlight it deserves!

Hot Wheels Skate:
Taco Truck

I had the opportunity to work on the visuals for the Hot Wheels Skate commercials, creating the concepts and illustrations for our new star, the Taco Truck. I spent weeks researching and sketching, searching for the perfect style to bring the truck to life on screen. Finally, I settled on a playful, illustrated style that perfectly captured the essence of the Taco Truck.

Working closely with the animation team, we gave the truck a personality and charm that would resonate with our audience, and seeing my ideas and designs come to life on screen was an incredible feeling. People loved the Taco Truck when the commercial aired, and I received overwhelming praise for my work. As a Senior Brand Designer, it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my career, reminding me why I love what I do.

For the entrance, I envisioned a hall of lights that would be similar to the tunnel of lights that cars drive through at night. It would be an immersive experience that would engage all the senses. As visitors stepped onto the staple Hot Wheels track, they would be surrounded by the current Hot Wheels core pattern on the walls. The lights would change from white to red and orange, and the sounds of cars rushing by would play.


A faux wall with the HW logo cut out would come into view at the end of the hall. An animation would play, with letters subtly shifting around, playing tricks on the eye. As visitors made their way to the exit, a collage of vehicles would form an animated welcome, preparing them to enter our Hot Wheels Garage.


The faux garage door would be rolled up, welcoming visitors into a world of wonder and excitement. They would be immersed in the world of Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and Disney Pixar Cars, with interactive displays, exciting exhibits, and engaging activities.


The spring 2023 Hot Wheels gallery would be a feast for the senses, a celebration of all things automotive, and showcase the best of our core brands. And as the lead designer, I couldn't be more proud of what we had created.

As the lead designer for the spring 2023 Hot Wheels gallery, I was tasked with revamping the entire space. It was a daunting challenge, but I knew I could rise to the occasion. After careful consideration, I came up with some concepts that highlighted our core brands: Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and Disney Pixar Cars. My main focus was on creating a sense of excitement and wonder that would transport visitors into the toyetic universe of Hot Wheels. One of my first ideas was to design a door that would set the tone for the entire gallery. I stuck to the brand colors and identity but added dynamic illustrations to create a feeling of movement and energy.

Hot Wheels:
Spr 2023 Gallery

I was thrilled when I got the news that I would oversee the art direction and design of the Mattel Shuttle that rides around El Segundo, CA. It was a dream come true for me as a lover of Hot Wheels toys. This year, we had the opportunity to design the shuttle to celebrate Hot Wheels becoming a billion-dollar brand.


I wanted to stick with Hot Wheels' equity and give the shuttle a look that was true to the brand's identity. I used the iconic flame logo and the 2022 Hot Wheels core pattern. To keep things consistent, I used the Hot Wheels blue color as the primary color for the shuttle. It was important to me to give the shuttle a beautiful blue gradation that would make it stand out on the streets of El Segundo.


As I worked on the design, I couldn't help but feel a sense of pride, knowing that I was part of something big. Hot Wheels had come a long way since its inception, and to be part of the team that was celebrating this milestone was an honor.


Finally, the day arrived when the shuttle was ready to hit the road. I watched as it drove off, feeling a sense of satisfaction, knowing that I had played a part in creating something that would bring joy to so many people. As I walked away, I couldn't help but smile, knowing that I had done my part to keep the Hot Wheels legacy alive. It was a moment I would never forget, and I knew that I had truly been part of something special.

Hot Wheels:
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