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Pixel self potrait bouncing, created by Tamisha Steverson.
Hot Wheels:
Pull-Back Speeders

Embarking on the thrilling journey of crafting packaging for Hot Wheels' Pull-Back Speeders was a seismic moment in my career as an art director and Designer. Picture this: a head-to-head racing extravaganza with larger-than-life 1:43 scale die-cast vehicles, each a masterpiece adorned with authentic decos. The Pull-Back Speeders, designed for the international market, boasts interactive features like mesmerizing Rolomatics and doors that swing open, unlocking a realm of endless storytelling possibilities for both kids and collectors.

As I delved into this project, I found myself steering the creative ship, navigating uncharted waters of packaging at a grand scale. The nerves were palpable, yet exhilarating. The vision was clear—to captivate audiences worldwide with the allure of Hot Wheels precision and style. Witnessing these marvels on the shelf, each one a testament to the art direction that fueled my passion, was nothing short of amazing.

Key Art

The narrative unfolds with a call to action: a 2-pack of Pull-Back Speeders, beckoning enthusiasts to engage in epic races. The powerful pull-back motor, seamlessly working on floors and carpets, adds an extra layer of excitement. From the precision of Hot Wheels to the captivating interactive features, these pullback cars are a fusion of speed and style, capturing the hearts of both collectors and kids aged 3 and up.

Peering into the psyche of our target audiences, we find the Record Breaker, a spirited 3 to 10-year-old, craving the thrill of creating their own world, breaking records, and embracing challenges with an unyielding spirit. The Millennial Parents, with a nurturing style, seek products that foster growth and life skills through play, while the Gift Givers, non-parent adults, hunt for that "wow" factor to stand out in the realm of gift-giving.

In this symphony of design and innovation, I not only conquered my nerves but also curated an experience that transcends age, inviting everyone from 3 to 93 to embrace the challenger spirit that defines Hot Wheels. The journey from conceptualization to shelf was a rollercoaster of creativity, nerves, and triumph, marking a milestone in my quest to become a creative director. The Hot Wheels Pull-Back Speeders packaging stands not just as a visual feast but as a testament to the art of igniting imagination and breaking records in the hearts of those who dare to dream.

Key Art Concepts

I was the lead designer for this project and I was able to do the art direction and mood boards. The concept was fully executed by our vendor Lincoln Design. I was able to refine the logo with the help of my Co-designer Florian who was able to execute the final logo!

Here are my key art concepts!

The first PowerPoint shows my initial thought process, and  the second shows a more refined verson.

Logo Concepts

Here are my top 3 logo concepts. We ended up keeping the logo simple and just using smoke from the packaging! 

I was exploring the ideas of speed, and play in these logos! 

Miro Board

This is another way I like to flesh out my ideas! Enjoy interacting with my Miro Board. It's important for me as a designer to really show how I navigate through my creative process! 

The Toy


Hot Wheels

Senior Brand Designer

Step into the playful world of Hot Wheels, where my journey as a senior brand designer was an exhilarating ride of creativity and innovation. With empathy and keen imagination, I delved into exciting projects that shaped the future of this iconic toy brand. From analyzing customer feedback and market trends to devising strategic brand initiatives, I infused every project with a touch of fantastical flair. Collaborating with passionate product development teams, I fine-tuned offerings based on customer interest data, ensuring Hot Wheels stays ahead of the competition.

My work earned recognition for its innovative perspectives and techniques, filling me with immense pride. Among my achievements, I played a pivotal role in branding the new Netflix show "Let's Race," the thrilling Hot Wheels Unleashed game, and the magical Hot Wheels Stumble Guys collaboration. These upcoming releases are set to propel Hot Wheels into the stratosphere as a remarkable two-billion-dollar enterprise.

Venturing into the future, I led the art direction for the exciting "Pull-back Speeders" toy set, ready to hit store shelves in 2024, and even lent my artistic touch to the exhilarating Hot Wheels Skate Taco Commercials through whimsical illustrations!

Step into a realm of wonder and creativity, where the Hot Wheels conference room pulses with life, igniting the spark of inspiration in all who enter! As a seasoned master of design, I knew I had to infuse this space with playful elements that would resonate with the team's adventurous spirits. Drawing from the brand's rich history, I adorned the walls with iconic Hot Wheels designs, transporting everyone to a fantastical world of racing dreams. But the magic didn't stop there—I unveiled a grand, mesmerizing screen that projected the latest Hot Wheels products, unveiling an ever-changing canvas of limitless possibilities. As the team gathered for meetings and brainstorming sessions, this dynamic feature kindled their passions and set their creativity ablaze.

Enveloping the room with a warm, inviting glow, I introduced subtle lighting that danced like fireflies, creating an ambiance that fostered unity and camaraderie. With every flicker, the space came alive with the promise of boundless adventures yet to be explored. The pièce de résistance was the Rodger Dodger, an awe-inspiring homage to the brand's heritage, decked in dazzling orange and white deco, an irresistible invitation to chase the dreams of their youth and dare to conquer the unknown.

As they settled into sleek, modern furniture, their excitement palpable, I knew I had created a haven of comfort and collaboration. The large conference table became a sacred arena for exchanging ideas and weaving the fabric of collective dreams. In this sanctuary, the team found themselves free to express their most imaginative visions, nurtured by the tranquility of Hot Wheels' iconic blue, entwined with harmonious whites and grays, a testament to serenity and endless possibilities.

Imagine stepping into a conference room that exudes the playful and fantastical essence of Hot Wheels, where I had the exhilarating opportunity to work my magic! Embracing my love for cars, I dived headfirst into the brand's universe, unlocking its aesthetic and values. Inspired by the brand's spirit of speed, energy, and innovation, I embarked on a creative journey to design a conference room that truly embodied the essence of Hot Wheels. As you enter the room, you're greeted by the vibrant color of the iconic Hot Wheels track, adorned with delightful toy illustrations that evoke the brand's core values of "Igniting the Challenger Spirit" and celebrating the toyetic wonder!

Venturing further inside, I embraced the brand's iconic blue hue, harmoniously blending it with serene whites and grays to create an oasis of calmness and creativity. Attracting eyes like a sleek and shiny Rodger Dodger, painted in striking orange and white deco, the room beckons with a sense of adventure and wonder. Carefully curating modern, comfortable furniture, from cozy chairs to a large collaborative conference table, I sculpted an inviting space where minds can unite, and ideas can soar.

Hot Wheels:
Gastation 12
Hot Wheels:

Embark on a thrilling adventure into the fantastical world of Hot Wheels, where my imagination ran wild designing the enchanting posters for Hot Wheels Skate, Disney Pixar Cars: Glow Racers, and Disney Pixar Cars: Cars on the Road this year. Amidst these captivating projects, my heart was stolen by the Hot Wheels Skate poster, a masterpiece close to my soul. Eager to capture the Skate segment's unique identity and its non-traditional allure, I ventured into the realm of comic book aesthetics that flawlessly complemented the brand's whimsical illustration style. Joining forces with the legendary Tony Hawk and a group of spirited young influencers, we unveiled this new toy to the world, igniting a blazing spotlight on its well-deserved glory!

Hot Wheels Skate:
Taco Truck

The spotlight shone on our newest star, the Taco Truck, and I eagerly immersed myself in weeks of playful research and sketching to find the perfect style to bring this enchanting character to the screen. A burst of inspiration struck, and I settled on an illustrated charm that flawlessly embodied the Taco Truck's essence.

Collaborating hand-in-hand with the animation team, we infused the Taco Truck with personality and charm that resonated with our audience. Witnessing my imaginative ideas and designs come to life on screen filled me with wonder and delight. As the commercial aired, the Taco Truck stole hearts, and the overwhelming praise for my work was a heartwarming reminder of why I adore being a Senior Brand Designer.

As one of the innovative lead designers, I envisioned an awe-inspiring entrance for the spring 2023 Hot Wheels gallery, driven by a deep knowledge of the brand's competitive spirit and rich legacy. My empathetic approach focused on creating an immersive experience that would engage all senses, delighting visitors as they stepped onto the iconic Hot Wheels track. I ingeniously designed a hall of lights resembling a mesmerizing tunnel, where vibrant colors, sounds of cars rushing by, and an animated HW logo played tricks on the eye, all leading to the captivating Hot Wheels Garage. With boundless confidence in our core brands' appeal, including Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and Disney Pixar Cars, the gallery became a true feast for the senses, a celebration of automotive wonders, and a testament to the incredible success of Hot Wheels, the world's #1 selling toy. The experience we crafted stands as a confident testament to the turbocharged future of Hot Wheels, leaving visitors in awe of our brand's journey from its revolutionary origins to becoming an icon in both automotive and pop culture.

As the visionary lead designer for the spring 2023 Hot Wheels gallery, I embraced the challenge of transforming the entire space with unwavering confidence and creativity. Immersing myself in the brand's competitive spirit and rich history, I crafted concepts that celebrated our core brands: Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and Disney Pixar Cars. With a deep sense of empathy, I aimed to evoke excitement and wonder in visitors, whisking them away to the enchanting world of Hot Wheels. For the gallery's entrance, I ingeniously designed a door that set the tone, incorporating dynamic illustrations and staying true to our brand's vibrant colors and identity. The gallery is poised to be an unforgettable journey through the turbocharged future of Hot Wheels, showcasing not only the #1 selling toy in the world but also a cultural icon cherished by automotive enthusiasts and pop culture fans alike.

Hot Wheels:
Spr 2023 Gallery
Hot Wheels:
Brand Guide

Welcome to the thrilling world of Hot Wheels™ City, where the action never slows down! As the mastermind behind the brand guide for Hot Wheels City, I've crafted a roadmap to navigate this high-octane metropolis. Brace yourself for full-throttle challenges and unexpected surprises around every corner. Dodge fire-breathing dragons in the Ultimate Garage and watch out for the wild dinosaurs rampaging through the streets—there's never a dull moment in this city of endless fun!

At Mattel, I've had the honor of spearheading brand strategies that led to remarkable growth in brand awareness and a 10% boost in customer engagement. Collaborating with talented teams, I seamlessly integrated brand messaging and design elements across all channels, delivering an exceptional customer experience. Working with external agencies, I ensured top-notch marketing materials that embodied the essence of the Hot Wheels brand.

In this playful and imaginative guide, you'll discover how the city comes to life with limitless possibilities. The bigger you build your city, the bigger the AWESOME! So buckle up and let your creativity and passion for Hot Wheels shine as you embark on thrilling adventures in Hot Wheels City!

Hot Wheels:
Presentation Refresh

As the art director and designer for the Mattel Shuttle in El Segundo, CA, I was elated to celebrate Hot Wheels' journey to becoming a billion-dollar brand. Infused with creativity and knowledge of the iconic Hot Wheels identity, I carefully crafted the shuttle's design, incorporating the flame logo and the 2022 Hot Wheels core pattern, all wrapped in the brand's signature blue hue. Watching the shuttle hit the streets filled me with pride and a deep sense of honor, knowing I had played a part in preserving the Hot Wheels legacy. This momentous occasion was a reminder of Hot Wheels' competitive spirit and its impact on pop culture, and I felt genuinely privileged to be part of this turbocharged future. With every ride, the shuttle carries not just passengers, but the joy and memories of a legendary brand, and it is a testament to the power of creativity and empathy in shaping meaningful experiences.

Hot Wheels:
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