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Pixel self potrait bouncing, created by Tamisha Steverson.

Games for Black Girls

Art direction

Welcome to the enchanting world of Games for Black Girls, where you'll journey alongside the whimsical Windy Maven through the magic of life! From her vibrant blue hair to her mother's cherished red scarf, you'll witness her captivating story unfold across three extraordinary life stages. As the mastermind behind this fantastical adventure, I summoned my playful creativity to breathe life into the captivating character designs, captivating concepts, and mesmerizing key art. With boundless imagination and empathy, I poured my heart into crafting design assets that resonate with players, making this an ongoing project of wonder and joy! Get ready to be immersed in an extraordinary tale where magic meets reality, and where Windy Maven's journey will leave you spellbound. Let the adventure begin!


A heart-warming game for all of the black girls and women who don’t feel seen and heard.

As a young girl, Windy loves adventure! She is ready to explore the world around her and uncover the mysteries of youth and her family’s esoteric practices.

Embark on a thrilling adventure through time with Windy Maven as she navigates the fantastical 80s and the imaginative 90s. In her teen years, Windy discovers the power of self-discovery and the whimsical journey to find her true identity. The weight of her family's mysterious past lingers, as she wonders if the enigmatic disappearance of her mother will ever be unveiled. As a young woman in the 90s, Windy exudes confidence, rocking her Hilfiger-inspired crop and patched jeans with style. Amidst the playful trends of the era, she embraces the challenges of adulthood while embodying the essence of a true Maven lady. Empathy fills the air as she grapples with the pressure of her search for answers about her mother's fate. Her brother Jack's unusual behavior sparks her curiosity, and she sets out on a quest to understand the secrets he holds. Join Windy on this empathetic journey of self-discovery, style, and unraveling mysteries that will leave you captivated by her story.

3D Art: NBS freelancers

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