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Games for Black Girls

Art direction

Games for Black Girls is a game centered around Windy Maven as she traverses through life. The player followers her life story until she reaches her mid-twenties.


The brief was simple, a girl with blue hair, her mother's red scarf, and she enters three life stages. I created the character designs, concepts, key art, design assets for the game. This is an ongoing project.


A heart-warming game for all of the black girls and women who don’t feel seen and heard.

As a young girl, Windy loves adventure! She is ready to explore the world around her and uncover the mysteries of youth and her family’s esoteric practices.

In her teen years, she is navigating life in the 80s. She’s learning more about who she is and who she wants to be. Teen years are hard enough but her families past is heavy on her mind. Will the mystifying disappearance of her mom ever be solved?


Windy is a young woman around in the 90s. A Hilfiger inspired crop and patched jeans show just how stylish she is. She’s learning how to be an adult and what it means to truly be a Maven lady. There’s a lot of pressure and she’s still on a search to learn more about her mother. Her brother Jack has been acting strange lately, she hopes to find out more about whatever it is that he’s grappling with.

3D Art: NBS freelancers

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