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Pixel self potrait bouncing, created by Tamisha Steverson.

Sabbatical Beauty

Graphic Designer

Venturing into the enchanting world of Sabbatical Beauty, I took on the role of a visionary graphic designer amidst the company's grand rebranding journey. My mission: to craft a wondrous handbook that embodied the whimsy, elegance, and modernity of this mystical realm. Like an alchemist of design, I conjured a spellbinding masterpiece, infused with vibrant colors that danced like magic, and an air of mysticism that wove tales of wonder and allure. In the pages of this tome, the essence of Sabbatical Beauty's transformative power was unveiled, a tale of rejuvenation, triumph over imperfections, and a profound sense of being on sabbatical: blissful, invigorated, and renewed. Guided by the wisdom of Adeline Koh, Ph.D., the luminary behind Sabbatical Beauty, this extraordinary journey embraced the art of conscious beauty, empowering users with potent small-batch elixirs handcrafted to perfection. A celebration of active ingredients and the allure of Korean beauty trends, it whispered the secret language of Camellia Japonica oil, soothing skin, and bestowing radiant youthfulness. In this beauty sanctuary, political consciousness weaved seamlessly into the tapestry, a resolute belief that beauty transcends skin deep, resonating with progressive organizations and advocating for a more equitable and just society. Step into the realm of Sabbatical Beauty, where whimsy and transformation intertwine, and let your skincare odyssey begin.


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