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The Problem:

The current government and community resources are often complex and difficult for the user to navigate. When people are in crisis, whether it is mental or financial, it becomes daunting to understand the excessive forms, and there is a lot of fear in asking for help. The company’s current platform is outdated and causes miscommunication and misalignment in information for the users. 

Users need a simple interface that allows them to feel comfortable and can appeal to anyone regardless of race, education level, etc. Currently, government forms are inundated with large vernaculars that often isolate their target demographic. Community programs, often have interfaces that lack proper presentation and are often outdated. They can also be difficult for the user to navigate. 

The project's design is limited to square sections due to technical restraints. We are building this website on WordPress we wanted to stay within the limits of what was possible while ensuring we create a clean visual experience for the user. 

Light house

Role: Product Designer | Product Thinking, Visual Design, Information Architecture, Prototyping, and Testing. 

User Research and Design for Charity Based Website

Team: 1 Designer, 1 Developer, 1 Project Lead

Project Date: Current Project


Project Summary:

As Lighthouse grew, so was the need for a new more accessible product for their target demographic. People who need some assistance in navigating through the complexities of seeking help when they are in need. With that in mind, it was clear that there was a need for more systematic ways to guide donors, volunteers, and those in need to leverage our efforts in helping the communities around us. 

The initial outcome was to have a collection of reusable components, that are accessible to everyone, regardless of race, background, financial status, disabilities, etc. Diversity and Inclusion are at the foundation to create a simple experience for the users. 

Design Process:

I was given a few websites that the client liked and wanted to see within their product. I researched each company and began sketching. Once this was done, I began creating the prototype for idea validation. 

First Draft
Meetings & Brainstoms
Screens Designed




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