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Pixel self potrait bouncing, created by Tamisha Steverson.

The Problem:

As UI/UX specialists, we wholeheartedly empathize with the challenges users face when navigating the complex labyrinth of government and community resources during times of crisis. The overwhelming forms and fear of seeking help can be paralyzing. Our confident approach to this problem involves revamping the outdated platform, eliminating miscommunication, and aligning information seamlessly for the users. Our extensive knowledge informs us that a simple, user-friendly interface is the key to fostering comfort and inclusivity for all, irrespective of race or education level. We understand the barriers presented by excessive vernacular and outdated interfaces, and we are determined to bridge this gap by crafting a visually engaging, clean website design that stays within technical constraints while ensuring a smooth and empowering user experience. With our expertise in WordPress, we strive to deliver a transformative solution that brings clarity, ease, and support to those seeking assistance in their time of need.

Light house

Role: Product Designer | Product Thinking, Visual Design, Information Architecture, Prototyping, and Testing. 

User Research and Design for Charity Based Website

Team: 1 Designer, 1 Developer, 1 Project Lead

Project Date: Current Project


Project Summary:

In the evolving landscape of Lighthouse, the growing demand for an accessible product catering to individuals seeking assistance amidst life's complexities became evident. As empathetic UI/UX practitioners, we recognized the profound impact our efforts could have on guiding donors, volunteers, and those in need to unlock the full potential of community support. Our mission was clear: to craft a collection of reusable components, embracing diversity and inclusion as the bedrock of a truly inclusive experience. Ensuring accessibility for all, regardless of race, background, financial status, or abilities, we set forth to create a seamless journey that resonates deeply with our diverse user base. With knowledge and confidence in our design choices, we aspired to empower and uplift individuals as they navigate through the labyrinth of assistance, bridging the gaps and fostering a sense of unity and support within the communities we serve.

Design Process:

In my role as a UI/UX professional, I confidently embarked on a knowledge-driven journey to meet the client's requirements. Understanding their preferences, I meticulously researched the websites they admired and delved into each company's essence. Armed with valuable insights, I proceeded to skillfully sketch out potential design concepts. With a deep sense of empathy for the user experience, I then brought these ideas to life by crafting a prototype, aimed at validating the innovative concepts that would elevate their product to new heights.

First Draft:
Meetings & Brainstoms
Screens Designed




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