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Pixel self potrait bouncing, created by Tamisha Steverson.
Logo of Colourmechoco, created by Tanisha Steverson

Klaver Bank

Brief Box Personal project

Klaver is a new German bank that wants to break into online banking. Unlike the traditional, rigid old banks, this is the bank for Millenials, young professionals, and social savvy and tech-savvy entrepreneurs. Its goal is to go beyond borders, with a worldwide service that can handle almost any currency.

Klaver is the german word for clover – this is a bank that will bring you good luck in all you do. It’s a bank that works to help you invest your money in the right places, make smart decisions about your savings, and to achieve big milestones, such as buying a house.

In the era of all things digital, this bank will be online only, with a user-friendly app and website. They wanted to start by inviting a limited amount of people to sign up for their services and receive a unique trendy looking bank card. This will give that sense of exclusivity that is so valued nowadays.

Initially, they were looking for a designer to take their existing logo and create some really simple digital brand guidelines which will then influence a website theme, starting with a simple hero section of their main landing page. They wanted this landing page to include a big call to action, and an impactful, progressive design that will encourage people to want to join this exclusive club. They wanted a modern look, but they also wanted to be perceived as a well-established, professional, and trustworthy entity. They don’t want to look just like any other startup, and that’s why they want a design that can be both modern and mature.


I did some research on fonts that were currently trending via Adobe font packs. I also looked at dribble and Freepik to see get some ideas.

Loos Normal is clean and modern. It signifies stability and strength.


Rift is clean, modern, and futuristic.


I took their logo and kept the color palette similar to the brief box example. I added the modified “K”, to represent the fourth leaf of the clover. The four-leaf clover is the iconography connected to luck.


Color Palette:

I decided on a darker palette for those with visual impairments such as myself. Blues represent loyalty, trust, and competence. Green represents money, balance, and quality. I call the green “Klaver Green”, it is a secondary color that accents the palette. The pops of green are synonymous with luck and how it happens at random.

For the homepage, I went with the phone on the homepage that represented the mobile iteration. It also shows the consumer what the interface looks like, as well as the card.

I designed the credit card to be transparent with the logo. Transparent cards are modern and chic.

Landing Page:

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