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of the lines

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Blurring the lines between 

art & design

"Art is the narration of humanity, and I implore all people to consume it with empathy. My craftsmanship within each piece I create embodies my experience and perception of the world. This is my story and the story of others through my lens."

by tanisha steverson




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About me

I bet you are wondering, "Who is Colourmechoco?". Well, sometimes, I ask myself that same thing!  Here's the "tea" on me!


Want some illustrative or design work?

I'm open for commissions!


The art of llustration is my passion. When I bring my imagination to life, I feel free. I also feel like I have a purpose. When I illustrate, I can create beautiful women of color and provide representation in the art world where people who look like me are not seen and supported as creatives or consumers. This is a place where I can be unapologetically myself. There are no rules in art. It is here, that I can be free.



Design brings structure. It has a function, and while my artistry is freeing, I understand the need for balance. The difference between art and design is foggy, but I see myself as both an artist and a designer. That is why I design all of my own content, even down to this website.