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Pixel self potrait bouncing, created by Tamisha Steverson.
Illustration of self portrait, created by Tanisha Steverson

Colour outside

of the lines

Discover the magical world of Colourmechoco! This is the perfect place to find unique and vibrant clothing and art pieces inspired by my original illustrations. Shop with us and add some colour to your life!

Choco Shop

 Kimono-inspired jacket featuring illustrations, designed by Tanisha Steverson."
Illustration of a pixel self portrait, created by Tanisha Steverson
Pixel Text Box, Designed by Tanisha Steverson
candles with illustrations, designed by Tanisha Steverson
Illustration of pixel self portrait in a gameboy color, created by Tanisha Steverson
A pixel Character of a black girl with glasses, she is smiling, she has a blue hat an a blue afro puff.

Blurring the Lines


Art & Design

Welcome to my digital illustration and design portfolio! Step into the extraordinary realm of my multidimensional artistry, where visual narrations unfurl like magical tapestries, inviting you to traverse the wonderland of my boundless imagination. Here, amidst the kaleidoscope of creativity, you'll find an unapologetic expression of my true self—a trailblazing woman of color shattering the constraints of conventional design.

by tanisha steverson




Illustration of a Black woman sitting, created by Tanisha Steverson
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Illustration of a pixel self portrait, created by Tanisha Steverson
Illustration of a Black woman Jellyfish mermaid floating in water, created by Tanisha Steverson.

About me

Step into the realm of wonders, where Colourmechoco reigns—a conjurer of mesmerizing artistry that dances between reality and dreams. Who am I, you wonder? Even I find delight in the enigma that is Colourmechoco!

Illustration of a pixel self portrait, created by Tanisha Steverson
Pixel Text Box, Designed by Tanisha Steverson
Illustration of a Black woman being handed a drink by a pokemon in the forest, created by Tanisha Steverson.


Embark on a mesmerizing journey of imagination and creativity! Delve into the boundless realms of illustration and design, where vivid dreams take form. Commission your extraordinary visions and watch them come to life in an empathetic tapestry of artistry. Together, we'll weave an enchanting tale, resonating with your deepest desires and forging a masterpiece beyond the ordinary. Let's embark on this magical quest—your visions, my craft—unleashing the power of creativity in harmony.

Illustration of a Black woman in mirror with tongue out, created by Tanisha Steverson.


Embrace the dance of chaos, my steadfast companion in this enchanting journey. Through vivid illustrations, I unveil the depths of my soul, where imagination runs wild and dreams take flight. An eclectic fusion of fashion, technology, and anthropology ignites the spark that sets my creations aglow. Step into my world, and let your spirit soar amidst the wonders of boundless creativity.



Design, my conduit of expression, weaves tales beyond words, capturing hearts with methodical magic. Embracing structure's embrace, I unleash boundless imagination in functional symphonies. My soul dances amidst an eclectic realm, where trends, AI, and human-centered devotion converge. From this tapestry, emerges creations both extraordinary and heartfelt, destined to leave an indelible mark on the world.

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