There are times in life when we feel as though we are at a crossroads or that doors are closing before our eyes. Ellegua/Papa Legba is waiting to assist you and aids in removing any stagnation in your live. This candle has been blessed and infused with deep meditations and prayers to help heal as you pray or it can be used simply to bring about healing in your life. Each candle is filled with love and good intentions. It is infused with crystals red jasper to bring about healing and clear away negative energies. Tigers Eye imparts unconditional love, compassion, grace and facilitates communication. Red Jasper brings a strong spiritual grounding. It alleviates stressors, anxiety and eliminates negativity.


It is scented with lemon, eucalyptus, orange and lavender to facilitate peace, happiness, calmness, optimism, confidence, and clarity.


It is topped with a special herbal blend that will further amplify your intentions.


If your looking to get closer to your ancestors, vibrate higher, enhance your Ori/Intuition, or you just want some peace and healing in your home then this candle is perfect for you!


(Each candle comes with instructions)

Open the ROADS! (7 day candle)

  • Made with red jasper and tigers eye crystals. It is scented with lemon, eucalyptus, orange and lavender. Special herbal blend.

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