We all need a little motherly love to pick us up and heal us. Yemaya comes to save the day with her healing waters and motherly love. This candle has been blessed and infused with deep meditations and prayers to help heal as you pray or it can be used simply to bring about healing in your life. Each candle is filled with love and good intentions. It is infused with crystals to bring about healing. Quartz dispels negative energy and enhance personal awarenness and growth. It enhances ones ability to bring about spiritual awakening. Quartz brings about new beginings, open and clear communication and helps you move fast to catch up on life. It helps free you from enemies. Amethyst helps with communication and to clear ones mind. It alleviates stressors and anxiety. Rose quartz is a love stone that heals emotional stress, strong spiritual connection, embodies feminity of the great mother and has a warm loving feeling. Lapis Lazuli was one of the first spiritual stones, it is known to enhane inner visions and psychic abilities It also embidies "universal truth"


It is scented with lemon, lemongrass, orange and lavender to facilitate peace, happiness, calmness, optimism, confidence, and clarity.


It is topped with a special herbal blend that will further amplify your intentions.


If your looking to get closer to your ancestors, vibrate higher, enhance your Ori/Intuition, or you just want some peace and healing in your home then this candle is perfect for you!


(Each candle comes with instructions)

Motherly Love (7 day candle)

  • Made with quartz and amethyst crystals. It is scented with lemon, lemongrass, orange and lavender. Special herbal blend.

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