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Hey guys!

(Of course new content is up but be sure to read this too)

I have a rare autoimmune disease in my eye called Uveitis. Its arthritis of the eye, where my body sees my iris as a foreign object and attacks it. I'm on meds but I need rest. Luckily I had taken photos for the week!

In the beginning I took a lot of photos to heavily populate the page but now there are almost 250 images up and realistically taking 30+ photos in the bright lights weekly is ruining my eyes and im only charging $15 a month. I don't want to go blind so I will start doing 30 or so photos once or twice a month. I want to be mindful of my health and if I lose my eye then I won’t be doing this much longer anyway. Hopefully you all understand.

Also there is a rise in Revenge Porn and I send the disclaimer when I send out exclusives and it is on the website as well. However to be safe, I will add it here:


This purchase is for your eyes only. Any sharing of this content is non-consensual and will be considered “Revenge Porn”. That is a sexual and abusive crime and will be reported to police officials. You will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Please be mindful of the vulnerability one has when sharing such their bodies consensual and think before sharing with others.

Please do not share any of the content with others or I will report it to officials with no hesitation.

Also I know I dont have sex on here but I will be posting the erotic art starting Jan. I had a delay between work and running my own company! Colourmecho requires a lot of time and energy from this to branding small businesses.

Also check out our Chopathecary section and grab a candle to set the mood!

^^^ What she said lol

Positive vibez,



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