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I switched this week up and added some natural light.

You can always purchase the full nudes but if you are on your phone and not the website here are the instructions:

Cashapp me at @colourmechoco or paypal colourmechoco@gmail.com

Singe photo: $25

5 pack (discounted): $55

10pack (discounted): is $100

I take at least 15-30 exclusives ((nudes)) per look! So you can use the chat or social media (or text if u got my numbaaaa) and let me know which ones you want! I believe I took 21 today so it would be $200 if you wanted them all!

Thanks for the support!!!

Do you guys like the blogs?

I wanted to write erotic stories but I haven't been having sex as much so... blah! (By choice of course). Sometimes you just get busy and with the pandemic is tough. I don't venture outside as much as my partner does lol. I'm living life on the safe side of coronaville.

Anyway, sending positive vibes!!!

xoxoxoxo Choco

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