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A moment of Transparency


As an artist, I have seen nude bodies in classrooms for 8 years and have grown accustomed to loving my own and being open to express this self love in photography. However, in light of recent events I’m not so sure this is the best route. I’ve attached a video of what occurred below:

I will continue to wear lingerie and post on Ig but i will not promote this portion of the site anymore. For my own safety, I do not want certain people to have access to any intimate

photos that would encourage any delusions. This is not my first situation like this, but my scariest.

I’m always open to feedback from you guys since you support me!

I’ll keep posting monthly until you guys begin to unsubscribe. It’s been a wild 4 months and maybe some things should be left here.

I will be transitioning to having this subscription solely for whoever is subscribed and I will monitor and remove anyone who makes me uncomfortable.

Jan. I will have erotic illustrations so stay tuned if you like a more hentai feel!

So going forward I will reduce it to a monthly post!

I appreciate the support, and please be mindful of my humanity. While some of you have fantasies and infatuations, please keep these feelings in check, they are not mutual and while I appreciate the support, I do not want to ever feel uncomfortable or in danger from a consumer.

I hope you understand and you can contact me any time,


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