Lenormand Tarot Readings

Tarot Card Readings: What They Can Tell You About Your Life

If you’ve ever considered tarot card readings, it’s a great way to gain new insights about your life, your future, and yourself. Feel free to explore the variety of Lenormand tarot readings I offer to help you decide which option is best for you. The Oracle reading is a fluid tarot card reading since each deck is different. Every deck has its own universe, and I chose to use the Egyptian-based oracle since it’s the one that’s closest to my heart. This particular oracle is deeply rooted in unconditional love and is designed to align you with higher vibrations to discover answers to your spiritual questions about love. The voodoo tarot card readings use African spirits to guide you and provide you with helpful advice. This deck looks at your personal situations from the past, present, and future, drawing influences from the visible and invisible world.


Consider the voodoo love affair Lenormand tarot readings to find answers and advice about a love affair or romantic union. This deck allows the African spirits to reach deep into your mind and soul to give you the advice you’re looking for. When it comes to tarot cards, the deck contains a total of 78 cards featuring different stories, images, and symbolism. Each card tells a story about the past, present, and future. The 22 major arcana cards represent the spiritual and karmic lessons from life and also serve as the foundation for the deck. The 56 minor arcana cards showcase trials and tribulations that we experience daily and serve as a guide to help you overcome obstacles. Within these minor cards are 16 tarot court cards including wands, pentacles, cups, and swords. Each one represents different personality characteristics. Lenormand cards are more focused on practical, day-to-day things to tell you how you can navigate through them with more clarity.