A collection of artwork that highlights members of 

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.


Future ZETA.


"When I was a young girl! A Zeta lady said to meeeee! She said, keep your heart and your mind on Zeta but keep your eyes on me!"

This little lady looks in the mirror and sees her future. Not only will she grow into the true understanding of sisterhood, but she will graduate and be on the road to success!

A Finer Woman Heals all Wounds.

It was a long road to Zeta and an even longer one to getting her white coat. She is finer and committed to blazing new paths as she heals all the wounds she encounters.

1920 peace.png

1920 So Sweet

"So, So, So, So, So, So, So, So, So, So, So So Sweet"


This finer woman is elegant and sweet.

The Sweetest Kind of Peace.

(Yoga Pose)

Centering the spirit and clearing the mind. This Finer Woman has mastered balance with this yoga pose. Her arms are strong enough to support her core. This is a woman who is at peace with herself.


FINER 1920.

"I love my Zeta, Zeta Phi Beta, I love my Blue and White. When I pledged Zphib you know I pledged just right. I heard a calling, Zeta Phi Beta, calling out to me, said a finer woman of Zeta you'll grow up to be"

This Finer Woman is standing fierce and holding her stance. Her Z is precise and she is all set to blaze new paths.


Finer by Design.




"Open your eyes it's plain to see. If you want to be a woman pledge ZPhiB"

Finer Women Graduate.

"My heart and my soul belongs to Zeta Phi Beta!!!!!"





The thicker the Berry.





"Soooooooooo Sweet!"

Finer women come in all shapes and sizes! This sweet lady is flaunting her curves and wearing them well!