Comic Illustrator

My Inspiration as a Comic Illustrator

As a digital artwork and comic illustrator, I create work that speaks to the femininity of a woman’s spirit. The art that I create combines biology, attributes, and behaviors of the woman to bring that vision to life. Every item I design and every project I work on is my own personal interpretation of how femininity is part of my personal foundation as an artist and a human being. Themes include the ability to create life, nurture, change your body, and wear what feels comfortable as a woman. Whether you’re petite or muscular, stereotypical or unique, my artwork showcases digital artwork for sale, comics, and other projects that create many shades of Blackness to educate how my personal ideas of femininity translate within that facet of life. One of the most important things I like to address is how mental health issues in the Black community are often ignored. It’s important to remember to be OK with talking about how you feel and being transparent with others.

As a comic illustrator, I address how the aftereffects of slavery have continued to affect those within our community. From my digital artwork for sale to my videos and more, I hope to reach out to Black women and men to make mental health and life’s difficulties easier to deal with through art and communication. My work addresses my own personal mental health as well as that of my target audience. I want my digital artwork to help others feel more comfortable about sharing their own personal stories and struggles. Every problem needs a resolution, and I know that my art and my words have power. The hope is that this artwork can offer some healing and a chance to lift Black women up as we represent Blackness in non-black spaces. Hopefully, this art will instill a sense of strength and pride in you.