A collection of African American illustrations women in an effort to uplift this demographic and provide these women with ample representation.

I ain't got no Time for nothin' but Healin'.



Often times, as we travel through life we experience trauma in one form or another. We carry these negative energies and struggle to let them go. This design carries the colors of the 7 chakras that create spiritual balance: Crown (top of head), Third Eye (middle of forehead), Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus (below the chest), Sacral (below the navel), Root (base of the spine).


When you see this woman you should remember these words, "I feel comfortable and happy, in my own skin".

I send you lots of love and peace <3.


Take a Moment to See the Beauty within You.

Sometimes you need to pause, tilt down your glasses, and appreciate yourself. But at that moment, don’t forget to admire the beauty within you as well.

Twice as Beautiful.

To all young dark brown girls, 
It is imperative that you know that you are twice as beautiful as you'd ever imagined. You are loved. Your skin is rich and you are as sweet as chocolate.


Where Love Begins.

There is nothing as beautiful as a mothers love. In the womb, she nourishes and brings forth life. A mothers glow is a beautiful sight to see. This glowing mother is loving her baby each day it grows within her.

Deserve Love and Affection.


This carefree woman just wants to feel the wind in her hair. She has reached a point of peace. At this moment, she realizes the wise words of Buddha, "You yourself, deserve all of your Love and Affection". This mantra is not for her alone but serves as a reminder for you as well.


Imperfection is Perfection.

Vitiligo is a skin condition where the melanin of the skins, the melanocytes are destroyed in certain areas, causing patches with lack of pigmentation.

This does not hold this beauty back! Her imperfections make her perfect just the way she is. Her hair is fierce like a lions mane and her skin radiant. She has a soft disposition, this is the epitome of self-love.

The magic is the strength within you.


What better way to show off adorable freckles than accompanying them with some floral assets. She is serving fall vibes and very afro-centric! Her pick earrings are the perfect accessory for here afro puffs. Lashes poppin', and yet she still has an innocence to her. Through all of her beauty, she knows what's most important, and that is the magic that is brewing within her.

The Magic is the strength within you_Fin

Beautifully Curvaceous.

This design is all about unapologetically loving the curves you're in. Big or small, you should feel comfortable in your own skin. Here she is feeling flirty. She is wearing lingerie. A navy bustier and garter stockings. She is confident and sexy. Even her nails are fancy! OKKKKUUURRR!

You're Braver Than You Believe.


This design brings out the child-like aspects of black women and the beauty of darker skin tones. She is as sweet as the pineapple she is holding and she looks off in space wondering where her imagination will take her next! She always has to reassure herself of the wise words Pooh once said, "You are Braver than You believe, and Smarter than You think".