Is my plate empty or full?

This is a wall installation comprised of a series of plates with my illustrations printed on them, that are connected by chains to create a creative non-fictional timeline of Black women across history. My project takes the audience on a four-part journey that shows the recurring cycle of the Black feminine aesthetic. Hair, clothing, and accessories are highly utilized in the Black Diaspora. In this project, I would like to utilize my skill set using my Wacom tablet, photoshop, and photography, and installation using plates and chains to address slavery and post-slavery racism, from a feminine visual perspective. Upon completion, viewers will be able to purchase similar plates, which allows them to take the work home but also sets this project nicely in the world that has been created with Colourmechoco, which juxtaposes art and consumerism.


Add a splash of color and a dash of history to your closet!

E m p t y ?

F  U  L  L ?