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Digital Painting



Tanisha Steverson is a Graphic Artist that specializes in Digital Painting and Comic Art. She has a background in poetry, cultural anthropology, and photography. Steverson is originally from Detroit, Michigan. She earned her BA from the University of Michigan with a double major in Arts & Ideas in Humanities with concentrations in Film, Digital Art, Screen Printing, and Poetry, and Anthropology with a concentration in Linguistics, more specifically, African American Vernacular English (AAVE). She went on to earn her MFA in Computer Art from Syracuse University. She is currently obtaining a MFA in Animation & VFX from Academy of Art University, and a certificate in UI/UX from University of Newhampshire.

Artist Statement

The overarching theme of my work is femininity. Which by definition is the quality of being feminine and womanly. However, my connotation of the word is a juxtaposition of biology, attributes, and behaviors. These things encompass this vision of a woman within my mind. This ideology isn't to isolate others identities or personal convictions and ideologies, but merely my own interpretation and how it mixes into the foundation of myself as an artist and every piece I create. The ability to create life,  nurture, change your body, wear what feels comfortable, be stereotypical or unique, petite, or muscular, it's not just one look, and that is synonymous with race as well. I create stories of the many shades of Blackness and how my ideas of femininity translate within that spectrum.

My work directly speaks to my own community and addresses issues that we sweep under the rug. In the Black/African/Caribbean diaspora, Black people do not traditionally address mental health. We are not okay with being vulnerable, and we are not okay with talking about ourselves and being transparent. This is substantially rooted in the after-effects of slavery, where our ancestors' spirits were broken. Yet they still had to push forward to pave the way for us. We work hard, creating false illusions that everything is okay when sometimes things are going awry. I use my work to not only address my own mental health but to also allow my target audience to feel comfortable sharing their stories.

I believe that for every problem you address, you should provide a resolution. It may seem small, but words have power, and so does art. My goal is to not only uplift Black women but to provide a representation of Blackness in non-black spaces. My work aims to provide some healing, as well as instill a sense of pride by seeing someone who looks like me in areas that I rarely ever saw as a child.


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