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Digital Painting



Tanisha Steverson is a Graphic Artist that specializes in Digital Painting and Comic Art. She has a background in poetry, cultural anthropology, and photography. Steverson is originally from Detroit, Michigan. She earned her BA from the University of Michigan with a double major in Arts & Ideas in Humanities with concentrations in Film, Digital Art, Screen Printing, and Poetry, and Anthropology with a concentration in Linguistics, more specifically, African American Vernacular English (AAVE). She went on to earn her MFA in Computer Art from Syracuse University. She is currently obtaining a MFA in Animation & VFX from Academy of Art University, and a certificate in UI/UX from University of Newhampshire.

Choco's Artist Statement


Art is the narration of humanity, and I implore all people to consume it with empathy. My craftsmanship within each piece I create embodies my experience and perception of the world. This is my story and the story of others through my lens. The human experience. The feminine experience. The black experience. The black human feminine experience. From lines to color, the art I create embodies who I am and is laced with narratives far beyond myself. My art is ever-evolving because I am continually growing and changing. I am getting stronger and wiser by the day. I’m becoming more of myself each day than I was before. I’m healing myself with each body of work. I am also always studying. I spend a lot of time digesting bodies of work other than mine in different mediums and engaging with various humans and personalities. Each experience makes me softer, kinder, more empathetic to others. Each moment where I heal from past traumas, my work becomes bolder and more lively. I am ever grateful for every person who digests each piece of the puzzle that is my art, and I hope my story resonates loudly.